Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nerf Rebelle Review | Heartbreaker Bow Phoenix

Here's some cool news:  Nerf just made being a girl even more awesome!

I had the coolest experience ever this week.

My daughter turned 8 yesterday. As timing would have it - I also received the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Phoenix to review because I'm a Bzzagent and that's what we do! So I saved this toy heartbreaker bow for her party, as a gift-  that we held on Sunday.

Now two things to understand: 1. My daughter is GIRLY GIRL.  2. She is obsessed with cute kitties.

So how did this Nerf Crossbow fare in a girly girl world?

I was WORRIED. Not worried, like is it a cool toy. More worried... would she like it? At all?
& with added pressure because she was SO excited too, because the box was HUGE.

Well- let me congratulate NERF because not only did she LOVE this Heartbreaker Bow- all her GIRLY GIRL friends could not wait to get a turn on the bow. (my daughter also got a new tablet, cute kitties, baby dolls etc and she played with this bow over all of it)

All the girls were running around, shooting "foam darts" like they were Merida from Brave! It was so cool and I felt so great about this toy. I can't speak highly enough about the enjoyment factor that was received. I was worried, with all the handling of it that it would break quickly etc. But the quality has certainly held up. My 5 year old little girl can even pull the elastic band back....tough at first...but once you get the hang of it...darts away!

Look How Girly she is, but with a Heartbreaker Bow she is FIERCE!

The color of the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow is super cool with pink and purple design. We also received an addtional foam dart pack and we were thankful. With that many kids running around shooting it, some of the darts went missing. But we had back-ups. I received a stack of coupons to give out to her friends parents to get free darts when they buy this toy. I certainly did let all the parents know how much their GIRLS enjoyed the Nerf Bow action and handed them a coupon.

It was nice to break away from baby doll and kitty land to have some awesome fun, darting my girls with the bow. I actually really enjoyed using it too! haha. It was fun! My daughter actually said it was one of the coolest toys she received this year for her birthday! I did have to put it up at bed time because they were STILL playing with it! LOL.

I highly recommend the Nerf Rebelle Product line - Click here to see the awesome other Nerf Rebelle Products - and the price points are GREAT!!! I might grab some Pink Crush Blasters to get the whole family in the game.

*I received this product to review but the opinions are 100% mine and non-biased.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vero Beach, Florida | Surf Club Hotel - Review

In April of this year, my husband and I just wanted to get away from it all. Where do you get away when you live in the vacation state? Grab the kids. Bring the little dog. and wake up ON the beach. Seems like it might be easy to do in Florida, but it's really not. There are so many hotels, so many websites, and it can be very overwhelming. If you don't have a recommendation, or a lead or a "connection" with a great property you can easily be disappointed.

So I decided to Google Pet Friendly Florida Hotels, and right away the name of the hotel just popped for me. "Surf Club Hotel"  Cute, Quaint, Peaceful - that's what I think of. and the price! (in April, when the ocean is a bit chill) The price was unbeatable. We Booked right away for 2 nights. 

Upon arriving on the property we just in heaven. This hotel is right on the water. When you're swimming in the pool the ocean is on the horizon. There is a cute little dock/staircase to get to the ocean with showers to rinse your feet, and a wooden bench right there to watch a morning sunrise. 

The rooms, a bit old school. But in a reminiscent of your childhood and life before modern day technologies took over. Yes, there's WIFI, everyone relax. But the outside atmosphere can make the grumpiest person I know smile. The pool is beautiful and well kept. and right off the pool is a TIKI patio/restaurant so you can eat your breakfast or dinner overlooking the water and the pool. 

Our dog just absolutely LOVED the beach and everyone was very respectful and mindful with the dog. A very relaxed environment. I highly recommend asking for a pool view room, the ocean is RIGHT there.  It's very family friendly - there was even pool toys for the kids that were just "there" for us to use.  There is also a giant cabana for Surf Club guests to use on the beach (its never been occupied for too long when we are there) and tons of lounge chairs by the pool and ON THE BEACH that you don't have to pay to use! These simple amenities really make me feel at home.

Since our April Visit, we went again, in the same month we loved it so much and then we recently just this past week went for our summer family vacation. Most rooms have fridges and microwaves, plenty of space and tile floors for easy sand removal.(and I bring slippers)

The other great thing about this  hotel is that they consider themselves "An Oasis of God's Peace".  We found out that it's family owned and the family that owns it are very nice people. We were able to attend  a 10am Church service right on site. Literally, by the lobby.

We will continue to take our family to Surf Club Hotel in Vero Beach for many years. We have created countless memories already and being a Floridian it's hard to feel like "I'm on vacation"...but I truly feel like it there.  This is truly one of my favorite spots in Florida!

Pics from recent stays:

 Florida residents this Oasis is for you!  Out of towners this Oasis is for you!

*Vero Beach also has many family friendly shops and amenities in the area* We recommend Brewgers for a delicious burger! Let me know if you try it out! and remember this is not a fancy smancy hotel, this is home on the beach!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Today in History | Sanuk Review | Floridian Foot wear

Below is a previous review post I wrote from 2010
When I went to San Diego, California in July 2010, I saw these sandals with my own eyeballs for the first time. Although, they are sold all over South Florida....I had never noticed. I saw them first on a guy, my husband's uncle to be exact and I had asked him...."So are you wearing you're slippers to the beach?" And he said, "No Way these are Sanuk's. I went home and started googling.

From there the excitement of these Sanuk Sandals began for me.

I was really excited to find out that the awesome sidewalk surfers come in Women Styles!!

I was way more excited to find  that Sanuk was started by Jeff Kelley in 1997 making shoes out of Inner-Tubes and Indoor - Outdoor Carpet....right?! (that's ridiculously awesome right there).

Above: Fraidy Cat Sandals in Multi

Dear Everyone: These are hands down, the most comfortable Sandals I have EVER in my life worn.
Soft, no rubbing between the toes, totally water proof (though the bottom takes a bit to dry), and completely cute and stylish. I've already gotten a ton of compliments on these Sandals. I love them with all my heart.
I ordered a size 9 and they fit perfect!

Above: Sidewalk Surfers Kitty Hawk in Blue

Get a load of these! The main reason Sanuk is in my life today. The Womens Sidewalk Surfer 
They are something different for women to wear at the beach, by the pool or a casual evening out. I couldn't wait to get my mits on these and I wear them around everywhere. They are also really comfortable, easy to slide on and off and my feet never breathed so well. It definately falls into the awesome category for me because it's not something that you generally see a woman wear. I love that about it and they are so versatile. They only thing that I wouldn't mind is a bit more arch support. But for a day at the beach, walking the boardwalk or hitting the boat deck-- perfect!

Sanuk sells many many more designs for Men, Women and Children .

I want these for my daughters:  The Lily Jane

I wanna see my man in these:  Hey-jut

Also check out their seriously cool TUBEFLOPS!

The above post was written in 2010, and I was cool enough then to review SANUK'S and I'm here to tell you August 2013 that I still own BOTH of these particular pairs of Sanuks pictured above on my feet.  I love them more than any other shoe I wear currently and they are STILL going strong. I have had no sole issues,  and they are still super comfortable. I have washed my sidewalk surfers a few times because it's CONSTANTLY raining in Florida and they still look great. 

PLUS, I have since purchased pairs for both of my daughters. The have the Black and Pink Plaid Sanuk Sidewalk surfers. I'm sad to report they are outgrowing them because Kid's Feet grow TOO FAST!
 (I must file a complaint with life on that one)
Here's the pair my 5 year old currently wears DAILY!

Allow me to post my favorites currently available on the website
My Minnie Me- absolutely needs to start Kindergarten with these:

 KIDS DONNA | $36.00 and look at how comfy they look! I like that you can readjust the top part to be a bit tighter for running in PE (gym)

Older Dearest Fashionista Daughter who loves ZEBRA would love these! 
click image to be taken to actual website


and Because I wear the heck out of my light colored sidewalk surfers, I think it's time to check out a darker pair with a shorty top for myself...
OH MY!| These sweet little sidewalk surfers are $60

You can find Sanuk Shoes at most Dick's Sporting Good Stores and Tampa Bay area surf/water sports shops, and Sports Authority

You know, Floridians need these in their lives. Hint Hint! I highly recommend if you want a quality comfortable shoe that will last.

I feel so cool when I wear them 

*I was not paid, and did not receive any new product to write this review. I Just love Sanuk

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Florida Life | Bounce House's | Lakeland Moonwalk

We happen to live in a boomin' area with lots of choices when it comes to Bounce House Rentals. HOWEVER, I strongly urge you to call LAKELAND MOONWALK if you are in the POLK County Florida area, or perhaps Tampa Bay! They have a very large selection, and the owner and team running the company are really great people!

This is our bounce house from last year! Dubbed "The Strawberry Bounce House" by my little ladies.  We have over an acre of land and it looked awesome in the yard. It was absolutely huge, held all 17+ kids comfortably and the slide was a huge hit.

Lakeland Moonwalk's Website Picture:
and this was it in my yard:
 Lakeland Moonwalk has a GREAT website where you can see EVERYTHING they have and you can check availability of the Bounce houses/Water Slides right on the website. They also carry concessions, chairs, tents, tables, etc.

If you're having a kid Lakeland Moonwalk! 863-286-5922

Monday, July 29, 2013

Florida Life: Beating the heat

Bad Mom Alert: I have not forced my kids to play outside ONCE this summer! 

It's so hott. and we live in the country, without a pool ...away from the coast so it's even HOTTER!

Ways to beat the heat:  I'm not sure, we're indoors!

Normally we do everything we have to do in the morning before it gets really hott outside. Florida heat in the summer is no joke, so make sure you bring, and drink LOTS OF WATER when doing anything outdoors.

We went to Disney world in 2010, in AUGUST. I have never been more thirsty in my life. Hydrating down here is so important, and it's important for your skin too!  You ARE going to sweat in this state. Oh, you don't sweat? Well you will here! Needless to say, we haven't done Disney in the summer since. We ended up spending $80 on bottled water and an overpriced "misting fan water bottle".

Find a friend with a pool.
Go to the beach.
Find a friend that lives on the beach.
Go to indoor shopping centers.
Water Balloon Fights!
Get the neighborhood families to chip in on a waterslide and have a water day.
Always have popscilces on hand.
Ice cream shops.

We haven't done half of these things and we still have August to go through. But that doesn't mean we don't want too! LOL.

Stay cool friends

Monday, July 1, 2013

Legoland Florida: World of Chima

I had the opportunity to attend the media event put on by Legoland today, 7/2 with a Magazine affiliation. I got to listen and be in the presence of really great marketing people from Lego, Cartoon Network, and Legoland. We also got to ride the new ride. The ride is an interactive family-friendly water ride, called the “Quest for CHI”. 

My 4 year old and 7 year old daughters were happy to oblige and try it out. Thankfully, ponchos were available because you can really get SOAKED! My 7 year old was even quoted on the news saying something totally bizarro along the lines of "It was really watery"...uh, CUT. I have never been to Legoland before this experience and I'm anxious to get back to see the rest of the park. If you have Lego fans, check out this new expansion! Opening July 3, 2013 in Winterhaven, Florida.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Florida Life: Neutrogena | Beach Defense™ Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 70

96* degrees
94* degrees
92* degrees

These are the temperatures from the last few days here in sunny Florida. (rainy afternoons)

Truth: We are constantly putting on sunscreen. Sometimes to even go SHOPPING! #floridalifeproblems

I know, you feel bad! Well the good news is, Neutrogena sent me this sunscreen to review and I have to say, I'm not a fan of "creamy" lotions anymore because the sprays are just so much easier to use. But I haven't taken this bottle of sunscreen OUT of my car/purse/bag that I use daily because it REALLY WORKS. It takes a little bit longer to put on than the sprays but you can see where you are putting in on. It's nice that you really have to rub it into the skin. We went deep sea fishing and needed the absolute best. 18 miles off the East Coast of FLorida... I was worried for my little ladies. But because we used Neutrogena's Beach Defense SPF 70, we all had ZERO sunburn.

It also has a pleasant scent, and comes in a nice bottle.

More now than ever people, myself included are more aware of the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. I used to be that "tan" girl...never wearing sunscreen baring through the sunburns. But that time has come and gone. I want the best for my skin, and my children's skin. I have since bought 2 bottle of the Beach Defense line from Neutrogena.

Neutrogena retails for $10.49 and you can buy it at major retailers everywhere. 

Take care of your skin friends with SUPERIOR SKIN PROTECTION. You are WORTH IT.

*I was sent this product in exchange for my opinions. My opinions are 100% my own.